Never stop improving! Starry Night 7.4.1 update is now live!

More than a year and a half into the release of Starry Night 7 we are still working furiously to bring fresh improvements and features to Starry Night. Developers see software the same way that artists see their creations - always in need of improvement.


7.4.1 Release Notes

New Features:

- Added a preference to support drawing selection labels as plain text (as in V6), instead of textured tags.
- Added Drag-Drop support for dropping SNFs onto the Starry Night sky to open.
- (Enthusiast) Added "Night Vision" mode.
- Added back Ambient Audio.
- Exported Observing Lists now include J2000 positions.
- Remembers your last open/save folder locations and defaults to these on File > Open/Save.

Fixed Bugs / Improvements:

- Fixed setting panoramas in locations that have pre-defined associations (e.g. Toronto, Detroit.)
- All log entries now show up in search results (was missing some with parentheses in their name.)
- Fixed Custom horizon images and editing.
- Fixed date formatting display (OSX).
- Fixed Meteor Shower radiant drawing. (Was too dim on OSX).
- Fixed movie creation of very large movies (OSX).
- Fixed trackpad click and drags (OSX).
- Fixed Constellation search results.
- Planet elongation correctly reported. (Was always showing zero.)
- Equipment List saved immediately on dialog close. (No loss if crash.)
- Satellites no longer use advanced magnitude calculations when not valid (i.e. far above Earth.)


The best part of making software is knowing that the changes you make affect so many people who use your creation regularly. The improvements made to satisfy your need for perfection benefit many!

So fire up your Starry Night 7 and tell us what you think about the latest changes!