Windowed or Fullscreen?

As a developer, I find myself with multiple applications, windows and tabs open on multiple monitors at any given moment. My workflow is that of a typical developer, I think, but probably not that of a typical Starry Night user.

When working on, or simply using Starry Night, I often find myself wondering whether people make use of fullscreen mode, and whether we could provide them a better experience by improving it.

It's not a (typical) productivity application, but neither does it demands the users constant focus, as a game would.

With the emergence of tablets as the dominant (or at the very least, growth) platform, users might expect a more robust full-screen mode.

How do you use Starry Night? Windowed? Fullscreen? If so, when and why?

Sometimes you've got stuff to do, but other times it's just nice to block out everything else, and stare at the sky