Starry Night 7: High Resolution Planetary Texture Collection

In recent years, NASA has conducted numerous exploratory missions that provided detailed measurements of the visual appearance and physical characteristics of most of the planets and moons in our solar system. These categories include IR/UV/visible imagery, physical, chemical and geological properties of the celestial bodies.

Measurements range from surface features to physical properties to chemical and geological characteristics. Surface features consist of topography, albedo, roughness and age. Fundamental physical properties include gravity, magnetism and temperature. Chemical and geological quantities comprise elemental composition, mineral distributions, geological maps and crustal thickness. 

Starry Night Pro Plus 7 offers a Planetary Science Texture Compilation with over 100 additional maps. Planetary images and data were derived from the latest datasets available. The original, highest quality sources were used to produce maps with maximum fidelity. Gaps and artifacts in individual datasets were corrected with data from older or alternate sources obtained by other exploratory space missions to produce consistent, high quality images that clearly illustrate the parameters of interest.

Light Pollution Atlas

Callisto Color
Callisto Gray
Europa Color
Europa Gray
Ganymede Color
Ganymede Gray
Io Color
Io Geology
Io Gray
Jupiter Color

Mars Albedo Color
Mars Albedo Gray
Mars Elemental Abundance Set
Mars Geoid
Mars Geological Map
Mars Gravity
Mars Magnetic Field
Mars Roughness
Mars Surface Dust Index
Mars Thermal Inertia
Mars Topo Jade
Mars Topo Spectrum
Mars Viking Color
Mars Viking MDIM Merged
Mars Viking Shaded
MOC color
MOC gray

Messenger Color
Messenger Gray
Mercury Messenger Color
Mercury Messenger Gray

Clementine Color
Clementine False Color
Clementine Gray
Clementine Iron
Clementine Mineral Ratio
Clementine Optical Maturity
Lunar Gravity
Moon Crustal Thickness
Moon Elemental Abundance Set
Moon Geoid
Moon LROC Gray
Moon Roughness
Moon Temperature
Moon Topo
Moon Illusion Beetle
Moon Illusion Lady
Moon Illusion Lady Reading Book
Moon Illusion Man In Moon
Moon Illusion Rabbit
Moon Illusion St. George

Dione Gray
Enceladus Color
Enceladus Gray
Iapetus Color
Iapetus Gray
Mimas Gray
Phoebe Gray
Rhea Gray
Saturn Bjorn Jonsson
Saturn Hubble
Tethys Gray
Titan Color
Titan Gray
Titan IR
Titan Lakes
Titan Topo
Titan Topo scale

Ca II 3933A
FeIX-FeX 171A
FeIX-FeX 171APNG Tiles
FeVII 195A
He II 304A

Venus Geoid
Venus Gravity
Venus Magellan Color
Venus Magellan Gray
Venus Topo

Vesta Gray
Vesta Rock Types
Vesta Topo